Temporary Homestay

16_scottjones_student1-216_scottjones_student216_scottjones_student216_scottjones_student2We are currently accepting applications for students coming to Madison for the Summer and Fall of 2017!

This program allows Madison-area residents the chance to open their homes and hearts to international students, faculty and visiting scholars for 2 to 3 nights when they first arrive in Madison. There is no charge to students and no funding for volunteers. International students have found this to be most helpful, as it provides a brief period of rest, comfort, and initial adjustment while they seek long-term housing in dormitories, apartments, and boarding homes. In addition, hosts can often answer the many questions international students always have about life in Madison and the USA. Hosts have all been vetted, for the safety of our students, and represent the diversity of our community.

Please note: Due to high interest for this program and a limited number of hosts, MFIS is only able to accommodate requests from international students, scholars, and families who are new to Madison. Additionally, please know that transportation to your host’s residence is not guaranteed. If you are placed with a temporary homestay host, please contact them directly to arrange transportation as necessary.

Students who are interested in this program should:

Register here!

  1. Apply by filling out the Temporary Homestay form.
    *Note that hosts are volunteers who agree to provide housing for up to 3 nights free of charge.  Therefore space in this program is limited and students wishing to have this experience should apply as early as possible. Please submit your application at least two weeks prior to your arrival in Madison.
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Volunteer Application Form


Local Madison-area residents who are interested in hosting should:

Register here to volunteer!

  1. Fill out the MFIS Volunteer Application Form if you have not done so already –>
  2. Contact MFIS Office at info@mfismadison.org (email subject: Temporary Homestay) for more information.